Midland Impregnations


The Casting Impregnation Specialists
A Personal, Friendly and Efficient Service


Midland Impregnations(MIL) is a division of Midland Deburr & Finish Ltd (MDF) organisation and has been formed to provide a specialist casting impregnation service to customers in the Midlands and surrounding areas.

MIL's facilities include pre-treatment using fully compliant enclosed solvent degreasing and oven dehydration which is necessary to remove contamination including machining fluids from casting surfaces and porosity in preparation for effective impregnation.

Vacuum and pressure impregnation is carried out through high capacity equipment that can process both small and large castings in both the as-cast and machined condition. The inclusion of high performance rotational spray/flood washing ensures high standards of cleanliness on complex finish machined castings after impregnation.

MIL have also set up a specialist ‘Selective Impregnation’ section where castings that require more than the standard process can be sealed, tested and supplied back to the customer ready for finishing or assembly.

Together MIL & MDF provide a ‘one stop shop’ for Degreasing, Deburring and Impregnation of castings and other components to the highest standards of performance and quality using the latest equipment and with fast turnarounds for a wide range of customers in the automotive, F1, aerospace, defence and general engineering industries.